About Us

When we started in 2005, the drum n bass scene in UK was taking careful steps out into the mainstream scene. Then, we were a couple of blokes fresh into DJing, trying to etch a name for ourselves. Producing tracks were more a learning process; countless hours trying to match beats and push high octane music on the dance floors.

Honestly, the first tracks to go on vinyl were real learning curves, not rating the tracks as good tracks top DJs would play. Our aim was to learn the whole process of getting a track to sound correct and up to industry standard on a technical level. Quizzing the sound engineer on how to best present a mix and getting them to pick faults in the tracks they were mastering was one way we learnt to better ourselves.

This gave us an understanding, on that didn’t go unnoticed in the scene. Tracks like “Finish Him Off” and “Save Me Soul” which carried the stamp of Mastermind Records earned a phone call from leading event organizers and MCs in the country at the time.

That set the scene for more experimental music, some of which are smashing dancefloors worldwide, to this day. We have been working hard for the last couple of years on a few remixes. So, keep an eye out for updates on this website.

Cut to the present and DnB has become a genre in itself, and we have completed a journey from being DJs to producers. Today, Mastermind as a records label gives a platform to new and upcoming talents to showcase their skills, and in return achieve the success that they set out to.