The Mastermind Records is one of the most popular classical music label based on the number of records and sales statistics. We started as a budget label with a focus on standard repertoire and developed into an international music group that consists of a host of streaming and downloading platforms. We are proud to offer a catalog of amazing multimedia music instruments and records.

Our platform, The Mastermind Records, has developed into a huge, web-based encyclopedia of precious classical music. We have thousands of titles that you can check out and then buy your desired stuff at affordable prices. Each title is recorded in excellent sound.

What sets us apart from others in the industry is that we work with the best artists in the field. We are still true to our promise of offering the best value for your money. Since we focus on the music instead of the artist, costs are low. In other words, we don’t waste tons of money to promote artists. We spend most of the profits for recording new music instead of relying on the promotion of old music already available in the catalog.

Aside from this, we are engaged in the development of a wide variety of apps and eBooks. And we also provide access to a big collection of classical music from the comfort of your home.