How Music makes Your Workouts More Enjoyable

Don’t you like to go to the gym? According to a new study, there is a way to make your exercises more fun: just listen to your favorite tracks.

Researchers found that listening to music while you are working out can’t help you focus better, but it does make your workouts much more fun.

The research study was done at the Brunel University London, and, Marcelo Bigliassi, the study co-author made the conclusion based on the EEG technology to measure the response of the human brain while listening to music and doing workouts at the same time.

Recently, the researchers published their findings in Psychology of Sport and Exercise, which is a popular journal.

There is no doubt that music can trigger emotional responses as many research studies have been done to support this claim. Listening to your favorite song can make you angry, motivated, empowered, sad, or happy. That’s why some people listen to their favorite songs when they go for a run.

In other research studies, researchers found that music caused a rise in the enjoyed level by 28% while the participants were having a walk. Actually, this happens when the beta waves rise in the frontal as well as the frontal-central areas of the brain’s cerebral cortex.

This proved that music has something in it that gives a boost to the beta waves and leads to a positive state of emotions. Exercisers can benefit from this approach while they are doing their routine workouts. I had a friend who had become depressed as he had lost his job and wasn’t even looking for work. He started to exercise as a recommendation from his doctor and then completely became a different person. He ended up thriving and now has a job with a good company. He is much happier and attributes it to working out while listening to music. 

According to, all Americans should perform aerobic exercises for at least 75 minutes per week. This includes intense exercises, but if someone can’t do intensive exercises, they can opt for 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activities each week.

Unfortunately, only 50% of the citizens in American follow these guidelines, reveals a report from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC).

So, listening to music can make your workouts much more enjoyable for you, and you will be less likely to skip your routine workouts.

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