Press Release

Artist: Viral Elements

Title: Toned Up / Beat Down

Label: Mastermind Records

Release Date: 13/04/2015

Viral Elements are proud to announce the release of their latest tracks, two futuristic and uplifting drum and bass tracks worthy of any DJ’s record box.

They will be released by Mastermind Records, a brand-new record label brought to you by the people who bring you JK Management and

With many of the scene’s up and coming and established producers and vocalists involved through the JK Management Artist Agency, Mastermind Records plan to bring its new vibe to the scene. Vital Elements bring you the first release ‘Toned Up’ and ‘Beat Down’.

“Toned Up” is a steady roller that builds up to a crashing crescendo of bass and heavy beats, with uplifting and dreamy synthesized backing sounds.

The AA-side “Beat Down” uses a classic jungle build-up, before exploding with a deep and deadly bassline interspersed with stepping beats.

Viral Elements are based in the U.K have had three releases on their own label and are pleased to be teaming up with The Mastermind Record for these tracks.

Check out for more information on live performances of Viral Elements.