Why Do We Love Music?

Music has a long history, and we just can’t say exactly how long it has been with us. In fact, music instruments date back thousands of years. Despite this fact, we still have no idea why we have a love for music or what function it serves.

Numerous research studies have been done so far, but none of them has found any “music center” in the human brain. Just like all other types of processing, the execution of music is done by many parts of the brain.

However, we do have some findings from a few studies. According to one of the studies, when we focus on harmony in a music track, we experience a heightened level of activity in the auditory areas of our right temporal lobe.

Other studies have found that temporal lobe is one of the main areas of the brain that understand some musical features. However, this region of the brain works with the frontal lobe that forms meaningful syntax of music.

Researchers have also done some studies to find out how we react to music emotionally.

At McGill College, my friend conducted an experiment was done in which brain scans were carried out to find out why we have goosebumps when we listen to great music. The study found that the brain activates certain areas of the brain when we eat food, have sex or take drugs, and the same regions got activated while the subjects listened to music. This friend now owns a carpet cleaning company in Calgary and he always listens to his music while working. 

In your brain, blood flow increases and decreases in response to the change in music, and this results in goosebumps.

For the survival of an organism, two things are really important: food and sex. The same type of neural activity happens in response to music. This suggests that this is something in our genes that makes us feel good when we listen to a good tune.

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